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Your guide to renting an office space

The office space you select plays a major role in enabling the entire office team to thrive and grow. To help you with the same, we are here with some crucial points that you need to consider for making your choice of offices spaces for rent in India ideal.

The Location

The location is indeed the most important factor that you need to consider while choosing an office space. You should analyze whether the location of the rental property is in a safe neighborhood. The location should have a good reputation so that your employees feel safe in the office and the visitors don’t hesitate to visit your office.

You should also take into consideration that how convenient the office location is to commute to, as there must be good transport links. Last but not the least, you should investigate the amenities nearby. Employees prefer to work in offices that are close to shopping areas, banks, and other facilities.

The Building

No matter how cheap an office space is available, you should not rent it if the building is not safe. Employees desire to work in offices that can provide them the required security and peace of mind. Choose buildings that have state-of-the-art security systems installed and have gatekeepers watching over all the time.

The building should be a well-maintained one with ample of parking space. Entering the office premises at odd hours should be no problem for the employees. To prevent any conflicts, you should avoid taking office space in a building that already houses your competitors.

The hidden costs

Make sure you understand the lease clearly so that you don’t end up feeling cheated on account of the several hidden costs. Take time to read the documents carefully so that you know what all you will be provided with and to know the actual cost. Otherwise, you can feel overburdened by the additional costs that usually include construction costs, utility bills, repair costs, insurance, maintenance costs, and more.

The Serviced Offices

If you have a small business or your space requirement is less, you can go for shared offices. Some such office space for rent in Gurgaon are serviced offices and provide a range of services and facilities including office furniture, kitchens, lounge and storage areas, and Wi-Fi. Such office spaces also come with services, such as security, receptionists, and concierges. Renting these office spaces is beneficial especially for small business start-ups that require concentrating more on growing their businesses and less on the other tasks including investment on office furniture and outlay.


An internet connection, dedicated phone line, and postal services are the basic infrastructure requirements of an office. Therefore, make sure that you enquire well about these facilities before finalizing a rented office space.

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