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Why you need to Choose Rental Furniture for your New Office Space

Why you need to Choose Rental Furniture for your New Office Space

Looking to add furniture to your new office? But not sure whether to purchase used furniture or instead go for renting furniture? Well, don’t worry! We’re here to help you clear your thoughts, make up your mind, and choose one of the two opportune options.

Whether you’re looking to bag economical furniture rentals in Gurgaon or somewhere else, you need to consider some important things first. When you’re looking to quicken your new office furnishing process, you probably would want to go for used furniture. However, these days furniture rental is becoming a more popular option for quickly setting up things inside your working space.

Used Furniture vs. Furniture Rental: The Showdown

In this section, we’re going to draw a contrast between the classic quick furnishing option, i.e. used furniture, and the new furniture rental furnishing option. For this, we’ll compare the two furnishing types on the basis of several factors like value for money, maintenance, packing and moving, durability, and variety.


While some furniture pieces are strong to bear the ill effects of wear and tear, others need to be handled carefully. However, this is the case of new furniture. Most of the times, buyers have no clue as to how many times used furniture has been repaired or refurbished, hence their durability is not something you can bank on.

Rented furniture, in contrast, is backed by a warranty against undesirable damage. This is because rented furniture is regularly maintained to keep up its durability.

Packing and Moving

Most used furniture providers don’t provide a free packing and moving service. This means that right after making the purchase; you need to spend some extra on having used furniture pieces delivered to your location. On the other hand, furniture for rent mostly comes with a free moving and sometimes even free of cost setting up service.


Any product, whether it’s a furniture piece or your car, necessitates maintenance. It is important to keep furniture intact and available for a long time. As there is no way to know as to what kind of maintenance a used furniture piece requires, there is uncertainty in its maintenance. Conversely, rented furniture is regularly maintained by its provider. Some rental furniture providers even offer a limited number of free maintenance runs.

Value for Money

As soon as you buy a new furniture piece, its value starts depreciating. Second-hand furniture is already used; hence it has already of much less value. On the other hand, rental furniture is new furniture most of the times and is regularly maintained to keep up its value. Once a provider finds the furniture available for rent is no longer up to the mark, it is removed from the renting furniture catalogue. Hence, furniture on rent wins in the value for money category over used furniture.


No matter what purchase you are making, having a variety is important. Not just it allows buyers to choose apt equipment as per suiting office décor, it also enables them to choose one that fits perfectly according to all kinds of requirements. Though purchasing second-hand furniture offers you some variety to choose from, it’s nowhere near the wide variety offered by rental furniture.

So it all boils down to this, rental furniture is superior in almost all aspects than used furniture. Whether you’re looking to get opportune office furniture on rent in Gurgaon or elsewhere, you’re sure to have a good experience.

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