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Why serviced apartments are ideal for business travellers

Technological advancements have made it possible to have meetings with clients and colleagues online. Despite this development, many businesspersons still prefer having meetings in person. Resultantly, business travel happens for which business travellers require perfect accommodations to make their stay comfortable and business meetings fruitful. Not surprisingly, service apartments in Gurgaon are attracting a number of business travellers from across the country and overseas. Following segment will explain why and how serviced apartments are just ideal for business travellers.

Suitable accommodation

A comfortable stay is important for business travellers. They can only perform to their potential on a business trip if they get the required rest. Unlike small and not so comfortable hotel rooms, serviced apartments in Gurgaon offer flexible options to allow business travellers to choose the right one based on their requirements. After a long flight and a busy day, they can relax in a furnished room, have meals on a dining table and work whenever they want in a separate room of the serviced apartment.


Affordability is another major reason that makes business travellers consider and/or book a service apartment for their stay. Compared to hotel rooms, these apartments are affordable and offer great value for money. Those who book service apartments in Gurgaon for longer stays get lucrative deals. Moreover, there are operational kitchens in these apartments that allow guests to cook meals for themselves. As a result, they end up enjoying healthy and hygienic food while saving a lot of money.


As most of the service apartments in Mumbai are centrally located, they are just ideal for business travellers, especially those visiting the city for the first time. Due to their proximity to major transport facilities, service apartments allow business travellers to rely on the public transport for commuting. Additionally, the nearness of serviced apartments to the local market and city life enables guests to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as it can get.

A home away from home

Unlike a conventional hotel room stay, corporate stays in serviced apartments provide a home like feeling to the business travellers. Having ample of space, these apartments let businesspersons work and relax just as they do at their own home. After relaxing, they can continue with their work in a quiet space amidst all the required comforts.


Despite offering ease, discounts and flexibility, serviced apartments do not compromise with the service quality. The accommodation and services of serviced apartments are as good as, if not better, that of an expensive hotel. Service apartments come equipped with all the modern amenities and entertainment options that make the stay comfortable and refreshing for a business traveller.

Flexible and customised solutions

To suit ever-changing requirements of business travellers, serviced apartments offer flexible and customised solutions. For example, business travellers can choose furniture as per their taste and requirement.


To get work and research done during the stay, business travellers require good internet connectivity. Hotels usually charge more for this service but people can enjoy a low-cost, if not free, internet connection during their stay at the serviced apartment.

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