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Why is Serviced Office Space better than Other Workplace Options?

Why is Serviced Office Space better than Other Workplace Options?

Serviced office space is cheaper than the traditional office space. Several reasons contribute to this. Moreover, serviced office space can be customized to accommodate the needs of business requiring the space. A serviced office space allows different small and mid-size businesses to share facilities and amenities and hence, save a lot of capital. This is not possible in a traditional office space scenario. For those looking to get office space for rent in Gurgaon or elsewhere, serviced office space could be the perfect answer. Moreover, serviced office space is measured in terms of price per workstation rather than the conventional per square feet. Rentech Designs is providing opportune office spaces for rent in Gurgaon, India. Contact today to know more!

What a Serviced Office Space Offers?

Service office space comes with workstations, meeting rooms and even a kitchen. Nothing different than the traditional office space, right! Well, there is a difference. You see, serviced office space allows you to pay for amenities that you use and pay for how many times you use them in a specified time period, say a month. For instance, in a conventional office space setting, you need to pay monthly rental for a meeting room whether you used it once or many times during the time. However, with serviced office space, you need to pay for it on the basis of how many times you used it in the specified time period.

There are several options for those looking for serviced office space on lease in Gurgaon. Unlike leases made for other types of commercial properties, a service office lease doesn’t require you to pay large sums of money before you use the property. Moreover, you aren’t required to sign the lease for a longer period. You can sign the lease for as small duration as three months.

Rent and Amenities

Rent of a traditional office space is only one financial aspect. Adding telephone lines, internet connections, networking points, bringing in new furniture to accommodate increasing office requirements, etc increases your office space budget significantly. In addition to these costs, you need to opt for some maintenance and cleaning service. Maintenance and upkeep costs incur much more in the long run. Thankfully, serviced office spaces allow for shorter lease time and include charges for all additional services for a single fee. This is important for start-ups and small businesses. Moreover, serviced offices can grow or downsize with the organization, making them an opportune option for businesses working in a volatile niche segment.

Typically, serviced office space for rent in Gurgaon is available nearby central business districts, car parks and metro stations. Sitting in close proximity to transport links make them desirable for businesses. Moreover, independent buildings converted into serviced office space feature private car parking spaces. Another important aspect of serviced office spaces is the availability of basic office amenities, including call answering machines, postal forwarding services and office stationery. Several serviced office space on lease in Gurgaon providers even offer free tea and coffee service to your employees.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, serviced offices can benefit you with a cost-efficient way to run the newly set up or small-size business. Finding the right address for your office in a well-located business centre as well as using serviced office will allow you to keep the overheads of your organization low and easily manageable. Ensure to weigh all your serviced office space for rent in Gurgaon options to make the right selection.

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