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Upcoming Trends in Serviced Apartments

Upcoming Trends in Serviced Apartments

The tourism and travel industry is now focusing more on providing luxury services. No surprise, because the public interest has now shifted from merely having good and comfortable stays to luxurious, customizable and worth remembering experiences. For those already interested in the serviced apartments in Gurgaon or elsewhere, here are some upcoming trends in the market niche to look forward to:

1. Expansion to Tier-II Cities

For now, most hotels target Tier-I cities for luxury services but thanks to the immense growth in technology and connectivity, serviced apartments will penetrate more into Tier-II cities, hence outlasting several other market niches in the near future.

2. Serviced Apartments will Outsell Hotels

Compared to the dominant preference for hotels till 2010, it is now slowly changing. People are now looking for better, more convenient and customizable options, as the world continues to reach new levels of technological advancement and increasing preference for travels. Hence, a greater proportion of travel community is looking to better options like serviced apartments or guest houses in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, and elsewhere around the country.

A report published by the name Global Serviced Apartments Industry 2016/2017 states that the need for serviced apartments in on the rise and the total available supply isn’t enough right now. However, it is creating the opportunity for developing a special market niche for the serviced apartments businesses and providers.

3. Luxurious Facilities will be Commonplace

More and more travellers are preferring services that fall into the luxury class. Unlike the previous era, travellers are now looking for luxury options. And why shouldn’t they? After all, serviced apartments and guest houses offer a high level of luxurious and consummate services for both short-term and long-term stays.

Because of this, the demand for the luxurious facilities has been filled by opportune services joining the cause to deliver excellent homelike getaway while away from home.

4. Rise of Unconventional Customers

Most people for now venturing into long-term stays to pursue artistic, religious, research purposes, or follow digitally nomadic lifestyle are increasingly choosing serviced apartments. Primarily because serviced apartments offer homelike, or maybe better, stays. Not only these types of travellers but other regular travellers belonging to different segments are also merging with the luxury class. Business travellers strictly prefer the convenience of serviced apartments.

5. Serviced Apartments will feel ‘Just Like Home’

Since serviced apartments offer the comfort and feel of a home, it is the most opportune getaway stay. Serviced apartments are fully furnished, located at a prime location or the location of your choice and provide amenities and several other perks that make any stay whether for a long-term or short-term duration enjoyable.

6. Standardized Fees and Charges

For now, there is a wide variety of renting for serviced apartments in different regions of the world. However, over time the rents will be standardized or normalized to less variable prices. The prices will fall steeply, which is apparent because of the increasing competition in the serviced apartments market.

7. The Positive Impact of Digitalization

Several markets are blessed by the advent of digitization and continuous connectivity. The Serviced Apartments and Guest Houses are two of the most benefiting market niches. Therefore, because of the heavy technological progress going on presently will benefit these market niches for the betterment of both ends of the deal. Maybe in the future, we might no longer need to have physical keys anymore but digital keys that can be accessed right from a smart device like your Smartphone.

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