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Understanding the advantages of checking-in serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are increasingly becoming a viable alternative to conventional hotel rooms. The reason being, they are more reliable, safer and offer value for money. Apparently, the serviced apartments have mushroomed up in all nooks and corners of India and the world. However, if you are sceptical about this rising trend, here are some compelling reasons that will definitely change your perception.

Quality accommodations

If you somehow have this perception that serviced apartments are boring accommodations in comparison to the luxurious hotel rooms, you really need to get your facts right. Just like hotel rooms, the service apartments in Gurgaon also range from the budget to luxury lodgings. If your pocket allows and you have a lavish taste, you can easily hire a serviced apartment that has customized plush interiors, including superior furnishings and amenities, and is set in a prime location.

Free Wi-Fi

Most of the service apartments in Mumbai offer free Wi-Fi to guests checking in them. This is in sheer contrast to a number of hotels and other accommodation providers who do not provide this essential facility to their guests.

Low living cost

Serviced apartments in Gurgaon and other places allow people to stay in them without burning a hole in their pocket. The reason behind is the facility that these apartments are meant to provide. They come with operational kitchens consisting all the required appliances and crockery so that people can cook meals for themselves. Additionally, most of the rooms in serviced apartments have bed linen and furniture that is a requisite for a comfortable stay. Resultantly, a stay in such an apartment helps people save money on restaurant bills, room service and other expenses, as they need not buy anything.

These apartments do not charge any additional expenditure, as the internet charge is inclusive of cleaning and all utility charges. You only pay your actual consumption cost. Therefore, based on your budget you can go for a serviced apartment contract that can cater to all your needs and requirements without any hassles.

Meeting space

To facilitate the requirements of corporate guests, most of the serviced apartments in Gurgaon come with special on-site meeting rooms. Even the traditional serviced apartments used to be ideal for conducting business meetings. Therefore, those staying in modern serviced apartments can save a lot of money, as they do not need to book an external space to have official meetings.

Ample of space

If you are travelling alone or with your partner, booking a hotel room may make some sense. However, if you are travelling with your family or a pack of friends, then booking a service apartment is any given day a better alternative. Because serviced apartments have ample space for kids to play and roam around while space is at a premium in conventional hotel rooms. Serviced apartments with five bedrooms or penthouses can easily accommodate even large families.

A home away from home

If you find hotel rooms complex and too formal, you must book serviced apartments for your next vacation, or for that matter business trip. Having the ability to cater to diverse comfort requirements of people, these apartments tend to provide you with a wonderful feeling of a home away from home. Having extra space, larger rooms, flexibility and all the required amenities, the serviced apartments in Gurgaon are ideal for both the leisure and business travellers.


Serviced apartments are accommodations that incorporate all the features of hotel rooms while being spacious and comfortable to ensure a memorable stay for guests. Numerous advantages of serviced apartments are good enough to convince people who do not wish to stay in conventional hotel rooms.

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