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Top features to look for in a fully furnished serviced apartment

Having the potential to make your long stays comfortable and memorable, there are some quality service apartments in Gurgaon. These are fully furnished apartments comprising of furniture, tableware, basic kitchen appliances, bathroom necessities and other amenities that play a significant role for making a stay ideal. To help you get idea of the features of some leading fully furnished service apartments in Mumbai and other places, here we are with a list of features that you would probably find in them all.

Living Room

To give guests a feel of a home away from home, leading service apartment providers ensure designing living rooms of their service apartments with utmost diligence. Keeping diverse requirements in mind and paying attention to even the minutest of details, they design fabulous living rooms. For example, they provide windows the ideal window treatments that make the room appear beautiful. Side tables and elegant coffee tables are provided, rather than mere random pieces that allow guests to keep their belongings. Likewise, loveseats, sofas, chairs, lamps, DVD player, TV, and more in the living rooms of the service apartments in Pune speak volumes of beauty and functionality.


As serviced apartments allow you to cook your own meals during your long stays, they come with fully equipped kitchens wherein you can cook meals anytime you desire. They come with a cooking appliance, which can be a microwave, oven, stove, fixed hob, or a portable hot plate.Using basic cookware and bakeware available in the kitchen, you can cook meals and bake items for yourself and the others staying with you at serviced apartments in Ahmadabad. With sufficient glassware, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and washing up facilities, you can use the kitchen just as you do back in your home. For added convenience, kitchens of good serviced apartments include refrigerator as well.


Some serviced apartments keep in mind the entertainment requirements of the guests. Therefore, they offer amenities such as phone services, television with a cable connection, Wi-Fi, DVD player, audio system and a gaming system as well. Staying in such a well-equipped yet competitively priced serviced apartment is no less than staying in an expensive hotel.


For a comfortable stay, you must check the bedroom of the serviced apartment you are about to book for yourself. If should have a comfortable and good-sized bed with quality mattress and clean and appealing bed sheets and covers. The other features to look for in a bedroom in serviced apartment would probably be a dresser, night lamp, a bookstand, and more.

24-hour reception

If somehow you think that while living at a serviced apartment you cannot experience luxuries as that of a hotel, then you really need to think again. Serviced apartments have come a long way, and today you can choose to stay in them for having a good and a luxurious time in a cost-effective manner. You can choose a serviced apartment that provides 24-hour reception for a hotel-like feel and a peace of mind that there is someone to answer your queries anytime during the day or night.

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