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Residential Property Leasing / Property Leasing

Our Residential Services team is committed to providing the highest level of service to clients, both individual and corporate, by assisting and advising them through the complexity of real estate transactions and issues unique to each location in Delhi – NCR/India. From the initial step of introducing executives to the city and culture, the Residential Services team smoothes the process of settling into a new environment.

With the growth of the Asian economies, expatriate staff is an essential part of all global organizations. Ensuring smooth global transitions for expatriates is vital to every company's operations. A key element in expatriate transition is sourcing suitable housing. At Rentech Designs we have an extensive database of residential properties, all of which are of the highest of standards and suitable for expatriates. We fully analyze our client's needs, select appropriate properties and provide a comprehensive inspection of all homes before we shortlist them to our clients.

We locate perfect properties which meet the client’s specific requirements through our experience, knowledge and expertise, Irrespective of the size and value of the deal; we do not compromise on the quality of services rendered.