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Reasons why serviced apartments are becoming popular

A change of job often requires individuals to move to new cities and look for hassle-free accommodation, while seeking a balance between quality and cost-effective options. Some people choose to stay in hotels, while many others simply abhor the idea of a hotel stay. They find hotel stays quite formal, as they have numerous limitations. An alternative to conventional hotel stays that is all the rage these days is the serviced apartments in Gurgaon, as they offer the much-desired privacy and freedom.

Originally considered ideal for extended stays, serviced apartments have now become a sought-after alternative to hotels for all types of travellers, ranging from business travellers to even the entire family who is moving to another city. If you are keen on finding out the reasons responsible for the increasing popularity of service apartments in Gurgaon, following are some points that will help you with the same.

Healthy Meals: When you stay at a hotel, you eat out all the time that cannot be sustained for a long period. For a few times it may seem fun but after a few days, it becomes boring, unhealthy and expensive. On the other hand, you can cook your own exotic or simple meals while staying at serviced apartments in Mumbai.

Ample Space: Service apartments can have up to five bedrooms, or they can even be penthouses, where space is not at a premium like hotel rooms. When you walk in after a long day at work and want to unwind in your private space, serviced apartment is just a boring bedroom with an attached bathroom but an entire accommodation wherein you can relax comfortably.

Entertaining: You can invite all your friends, family members and even pets to your serviced apartment, whenever and how often you please and chill out while you catch up after ages. You cannot do anything of this sort during your stay at a hotel! At a hotel, you can only have a few guests in your room and will have to order from a restrictive room service menu or be formally seated in the restaurant, which will be expensive as well for a large group.

‘Convenience & Comfort of a Home away from home’: This is possibly the biggest reason responsible for making serviced apartments so popular. They allow people to stay and feel at home. Service apartments in Mumbai are meant to provide a ‘home away from home’ feeling to guests. They allow guests to use the accommodation just like their own house with personalised items as per your own choices, unlike a hotel room, which has too sterile an environment.

Better value for money: As most hotels charge per person per night, it can be a serious concern for a family that has to relocate to another town for a year or more. The serviced apartment is charged on a monthly basis for your stay, which is easier on the pocket. They charge for the apartment and not for the number of people. Most service apartments will have the same benefits like a hotel: laundry service, housekeeping on daily basis, concierge facilities, and amenities like pool, gym, etc. but at a more reasonable overall cost.

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