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Reasons to love homelike serviced apartments over hotel rooms

Serviced apartments, also known as the self-contained accommodations, have evolved as ideal options for corporate travellers, backpackers, medical tourists, pilgrims, travellers with families, etc. The reason behind is the benefits related to space, food, location, services and amenities that serviced apartments in Gurgaon offer. Following is the detailed explanation of these reasons that will convince you to believe in the goodness of serviced apartments over traditional hotel stays.


If compared to the services that hotels offer, the same services offered at luxurious service apartments are affordable. Unlike hotels wherein the strict check-ins and checkouts at times become frustrating for guests, you are allowed to choose timings to check-in and checkout serviced apartments as per your requirement. Additionally, DIY laundry and cooking are the services you can enjoy while your stay at a serviced apartment. You can cook your meals as and when you desire in the fully equipped kitchenette or can even hire a maid. These features, offering guaranteed value and satisfaction, attract more and more travellers to serviced apartments.


If you feel that having meals at restaurant add to the financial stress every time you stay at a hotel or if the food hygiene concerns you, then you must consider staying at the luxury serviced apartments. They boast well-fitted contemporary kitchens wherein you can cook desired meals hygienically and to your satisfaction. Whether you are staying alone, with your friends, family and children or with elderly people with special dietary needs, you can cook anytime and anything required. This is in sheer contrast to a hotel stay, as you have to depend on the restaurant food at a specific time and spending a good deal of money.


If you wish to experience a stay at an accommodation worthy of offering as many amenities as a hotel does and wherein you can get a home away from home feeling, then you must book a stay at one of the service apartments in Gurgaon. Many of these apartments, apart from being fully furnished, have state-of-the-art entertainment systems, including flat screen televisions, DVD player and cable connection. In addition to this, serviced apartments offer fast and reliable internet services. This means you can keep yourself fully entertained during your stay at a serviced apartment while fulfilling your work requirements if there are any.


In comparison to the small hotel rooms, accommodations at serviced apartments are more spacious. Additionally, a number of rooms and a fully functional kitchen offer you the freedom to relax and to continue your work with utmost privacy. You can book a two or three room serviced apartment for your family for a comfortable long stay in a homely atmosphere. This is a much better alternative to booking a stay at an expensive hotel room that provides you with a limited space.

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