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Questions to ask before signing a property lease

Be it buying a property or taking property on rent in Gurgaon, one should never rush into signing a property lease agreement. You must possess appropriate knowledge and information required for making an informed decision. Making such decisions in a hurry can land you up in a nightmarish situation. Following are some of the important questions that you must ask to ensure your preparedness before signing property lease agreements.

When can I move into the property?

After you have zeroed in on a particular property after evaluating a number of residential properties, ask property owner this question upfront. It is important for you to know whether or not the property suits your moving time frame. There is no point in wasting your time as well as that of the property owner if the property isn’t available when you wish to move in.

Could you please clarify the lease terms?

You must ask the property owner to clarify the lease terms before signing commercial property lease even if you have had a word regarding it in the past. You should crosscheck cautiously that the lease terms you are expecting or you have been told about are mentioned well in the agreement. This is because the terms you would be formally agreeing to are those mentioned in the papers and not those discussed verbally.

What are the policies of breaking the lease early?

It is not that you rent an apartment to break the lease agreement early but you should know its consequences. In case, you desire ending up the residential property lease in future, knowing the possibilities and the penalties beforehand would be of great help. Some property owners allow early release of the lease while others make you pay fines.

Are there any non-refundable fees or deposits?

Be it a commercial property or a residential property you are about to take on rent, you must clarify your doubts about issues like non-refundable deposits or fees. Clarifying these issues beforehand is ideal for a rewarding experience.

What are the monthly rental and move-in fees?

This one is a basic yet important query that you must seek answers to before signing the lease agreement. Ask about the monthly rental and about the late fee if any. In addition, you should ask questions about the mode of payment. You can suggest a payment mode that suits you the best or you can accept what the landlord demands.

What are the utilities included?

You might come across a number of cheap rental properties and probably feel tempted to hire one. However, do not just focus on the rent but on the fact whether or not the utilities including trash pickup, electricity and water are covered in the rent. There is no point going for a cheap rental that excludes all such utilities.

What are the aesthetic changes permitted?

It is obvious that tenants do require making some aesthetic changes to the apartment they rent. Therefore, do make it a point to ask the property owner clearly about the aesthetic changes that you are allowed to do both inside and outside of your apartment.

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