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Priorities to Evaluate for Choosing an Apartment on Rent

Priorities to Evaluate for Choosing an Apartment on Rent

Taking apartments and flats on rent is very common these days. However, to make your renting experience rewarding, you need to know certain important things. Following are the priorities that you need to evaluate before finalizing apartments on rent in Gurgaon or other places.

The lease

The lease of a rented property is undoubtedly the most important aspect because all the other things depend on it. Do not rush to sign the agreement, as you are supposed to understand every detail clearly and thoroughly before you sign. Take your time and clarify every single doubt or query regarding the lease. You should have answers to all your questions in the lease, for example, the cost of breaking the lease before the actual time period. The contract should clearly mention all the amenities, rent, damage, etc.

The Neighbourhood

When you take an apartment on rent, you aren’t supposed to focus only on things inside the apartment but you should consider the neighbourhood as well. You should try to know about your neighbours and neighbourhood as much as you can. You can do an internet research to find about the entire city and the level of activity in that particular area. Checking level of noise is must or else you can really end up regretting your decision soon after shifting to your new rented apartment. Before signing the contract, make sure you visit the area a couple of times at different times of the day. In addition, talk to your would be neighbours. All these steps can prevent you from moving into an inappropriate neighbourhood unknowingly.


Before zeroing in on flats for rent in Gurgaon, you must consider the amenities inside the rental property and around. For example, if you are on a lookout for a fully furnished rental apartment, you should check whether the washing machine is fully automatic, the kitchen has required utensils, all the rooms have televisions and more. Likewise, you must enquire whether there is a parking spot available for your car when you shift or not. In case of unavailability, you can ask the property owner for some adjustment or a rental discount. Similarly, look for other amenities like a park, playground, swimming pool, etc for making your stay at a rental property enjoyable.


While looking for amenities in the apartment you are intending to lease, look for potential damages also. Report all the noticed damages to the property owner and ask whether he would fix them up before your lease starts. If not, you can always ask him for a discount on the rent or for some extra amenity. Also, don’t forget to click photographs of the damages so that the property manager can mention them in the lease beforehand.

The price

While considering the rental properties available, try to compare prices of all the properties in the area. Examine whether the rental properties recommended by Rentech Designs have fair pricing or not. Additionally, examine the costs of your previous apartments and then try to compare them with costs of the apartment options you have at present. Consider the available amenities and the cost of upgrades that you would like to have in the rental property for making your stay comfortable and memorable.

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