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Latest Office Interior Design Trends

The workplaces in offices today are different from those seen in offices about 5 years or a decade back. Offices today are designed to have spaces that allow and encourage employees to bring out the best of their productivity. Additionally, they serve as a welcoming space conducive for a business’s growth. If you are counting on the leading office interior designers in Gurgaon for planning your workplace décor, here are some of the exciting office interior design trends that you can keep in mind.

Unconventional Workspace

An unconventional workspace is in trend and you can ask turnkey interior contractors in Gurgaon to give your office one. These workspaces have a design that kind of gives employees a break from their usual desk space. They can comfortably sit in other spaces and can complete their work without compromising with their work quality. The overall space design refreshes employees and enhances their productivity. The furniture includes modern looking comfortable chairs, beanbag chairs, sofas with colourful cushions and attractively designed desks. This kind of unconventional workspace is not just good for employees but for the office owners as well. Such office designs make the most of the office space by utilizing every corner, which otherwise can turn out as a useless space.

Biophilic office design

Office design that brings nature into workplace is refereed to as Biophilic office design. The design is achieved by incorporating a lot of plant life into an interior space. However, there is much more to this type of office design. Besides plants and greenery, the design involves bringing in a lot of other stuff that makes an office a place wherein the staff enjoys working. For giving your office this design, interior designers in Gurgaon can use natural materials, patterns, textiles, and colours.

More of wood and stone can be used to mimic the outdoors and appropriate plantlife should be strategically placed in the entire office. Turnkey interior designers can also think of ways to add more of natural light into the decor and reducing reliance on artificial lights. Such an office design is proven to enhance well-being, creativity and productivity of employees.

Dynamic Spaces

While designing your new office space, you can consider the dynamic office space trend. It is all about designing the office space in a way that is open to change. Such an office design is beneficial for every enterprise, especially for the one starting with a small staff. Just as the number of employees keeps increasing, you can easily accommodate all without making big changes. For such turnkey interior projects, you require adding lightweight movable furniture to your office. They can be shifted from a room or a space to other as and when required fulfilling new requirements. Wall dividers, chalk boards, planters and containers, and high-tech furniture pieces are the other items that play an integral role for making office a dynamic space.

No wall/Open space

Unlike traditional office spaces largely divided by walls, new office spaces are large open spaces. Instead of the concrete walls, office interior designers these days are using alternative methods of space dividers, including bamboo walls, acoustic panels, and metal display cabinets. This new trend is working wonders for bringing openness and transparency to working spaces.

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