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Key Differences for Interior Designing vs. Interior Decoration

Key Differences for Interior Designing vs. Interior Decoration

Many people are still confused whether they should go for designers or decorators for the renovation or improvement plan they have in mind for a particular space. There are a few differences between office interior decorators in Gurgaon or elsewhere and interior designers that you should know to make the right move in terms of selection.

Let us have a brief introduction to the two services that have many common aspects, but are completely different, before we bring the debate about Interior designers and Interior decorators in Gurgaon to the front:

What is Interior Designing?

Interior designing is a profession that requires extensive schooling and hands-on formal training. One needs to understand various concepts, ranging from computer-aided design (CAD) and space planning to study colour and fabric, before starting to provide services as an apt interior designer.

For instance, there are loads of computer programs that an interior designer might need to make use of during planning some kind of renovation or designing of a particular space. Most of the interior designers hold some kind of certification(s). As interior designing is a rapidly developing market, there are loads of specialised and general courses available to train candidates for interior designing services.

What is Interior Decoration?

Interior decorators don’t require any kind of formal schooling and training; they just have the knack of focusing on aesthetics and décor. These professionals have an innate active imagination that they use in decorating some specific structure, not altering it. Decorators don’t participate in physical renovations or structuring planning. They are simply involved with improving or adding aesthetics to an already extant interior structure.

Choose one based on these differences:

Finally, here are the three most important differences between interior designers and decorators that you should keep in mind while choosing between the two:

1. Structural Changes or Styling and Décor Changes

Interior designers in Gurgaon or elsewhere are apt in adding structural changes, whereas interior decorators provide styling and décor changes. If you desire for example to remove or add a wall, shift or make space for additional plumbing, add new windows or doors etc., then interior designers are suitable for the purpose. For those who are looking for selecting wallpaper, paint, and/or even furnishings, deciding on styling and décor, adding additional lighting, etc., should employ an opportune interior decorator. There are various ways to find interior designers and interior decorators, ranging from searching online to asking your friends and acquaintances.

2. Technical Work

There isn’t much technical work involved with interior decoration solely. However, this is not the case with interior designing, as it involves you to make structure-based changes to a particular location.

Simply speaking, interior designers allow you to change the physical appearance of a space, whereas interior decorators assist you in modifying the look and feel of the space without applying any physical transformation of the space. To transform a space physically, interior designers need to make calculations and analysis, which are not performed by interior decorators.

3. Types of Services

As interior designing and interior decorating are two separate facets of the same coin, each has its own set of services and offerings for customers. However, both are flexible in terms of requirements and needs. Both have their own distinct pricing for different services, which vary from provider to provider and from location to location.

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