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How to Choose the Best Guest House in Mumbai?

In a busy and expensive city like Mumbai, hotels are often out of the reach of budget travelers. Many are opting for guest houses instead of hotels due to this reason. Guest houses offer cozy yet temporary accommodations at cost-effective prices that generally are an easy fit for a budget. Despite the modest tariffs, guest houses offer all necessary amenities one usually gets at hotels. However, not all guest houses have equal reputation. That’s why before booking your rooms at any guest houses in Mumbai, you should first find out if it is worth your money. In this article you will find out how to pick the best guest houses in Mumbai.

Consider Your Purpose of Visit

The purpose of your visit should be considered to find out a guest house that meets your requirements. Suppose you are visiting for corporate purposes and require a conference room then you should find a guest house which is capable of accommodating corporate needs and provides a conference room. If you are traveling with family then you may need rooms with double beds and kids’ beds. The guest house should be able to cater to these needs properly.

How Many People are You Traveling with?

The choice of guest house also depends on the number of members in your group. Groups benefit from booking rooms at guesthouses as the tariffs are considerably less. Moreover, some guest houses offer attractive booking rates and discounts for larger groups. If you have more than 8 members in your group and require three of more rooms then it is best to check out guest houses that are offering lucrative discounts on group bookings.

Is the Guest House Accredited?

Do not stay at guest houses which do not have proper accreditation or government license to do business. There are a number of guest houses in Mumbai which are doing business without proper license or accreditation but staying at these rentals can be risky in many ways. Read online reviews or check if the guest house has an official website. Guest houses with official websites are more credible than those which have no online presence.

Location of the Guest House

One of the most important considerations while picking a great guest house in Mumbai is its location. The best guest houses in Mumbai are located at convenient spots, well-connected with the entire city, railway station, and airport. You may choose a guest house which is close to the places you are planning to visit because traffic in Mumbai moves very slowly and it takes hours to reach one place from another. If you are starting a job in Mumbai and want to stay in a guest house for some time before finding a permanent accommodation then look for guest houses near your new workplace. Luckily, there is no dearth of guest houses and anyone can find one in their desired area.

The Tariffs

The Internet has made it easier to save money on bookings by letting users compare tariffs. Before you book guest house rooms do compare the rates of tariffs. Many times travelers end up paying more than necessary by opting for the first option that comes their way. Many guest houses offer seasonal discounts and special offers for first-time guests. Make sure that you are booking at best prices.

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