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Guidelines on how to run a successful guest house in Gurgaon

A lot of travelers are choosing to stay in guesthouses, local inns or Bed & Breakfasts during their trips owing to the coziness and welcoming feel of these places. As such, if you have an idea of starting a guest house rental business in a place like Gurgaon in India, here are some guidelines to help you set up a profitable business by establishing your place as one of the best guest houses in Gurgaon.

Make the entrance inviting

The entrance makes the first impression a visitor may have of your guest house, and it is a big deal. Make sure that the entrance is as welcoming and inviting as possible. Keep the entrance clean. Ensure that the hotel sign is bright enough and kept in a position that it catches the eye at first glimpse. If you have a garden at the entrance to your guest house, it must be maintained properly. An inviting and well-maintained entrance will surely speak miles about how the rest of your guest house will be like and can lure potential customers to a great extent.

Keep the rooms clean

The key to becoming one of the most sought-after guest houses in Gurgaon is to offer a room that is comfortable and clean. Cleanliness is a must for a guest house, with the rooms being cleaned at regular intervals. Make it a point to clean the room from top to bottom as soon as a customer vacates the room instead of waiting for it to be booked by another customer. No one would want to walk into a dirty room let alone be asked to wait for an hour or so until the room he/she booked is being cleaned.

Make the service count

One of the main reasons travelers choose to stay in guest houses is the personalized service they get in these places. To run a successful guest house, you will have to ensure that your customer service track record is excellent. Show genuine interest in your customers’ conversations. Offer them tourist advice, it is helpful to keep a good supply of maps to hand out. Make your guests feel at home and they will surely become loyal customers who not only choose your guest house to stay in while visiting Gurgaon in the future, but also recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Show interest in small gestures

There are thousands of guest houses in Mumbai, with at least half of them offering clean, spacious rooms for travelers. How can you stand out in this crowd and make your mark as the best guest house in the area? By delighting your customers with small gestures of course! In addition to offering them a clean room to stay in, a comfortable bed to sleep in and a healthy, delicious breakfast to indulge in, find out how you can add a personal touch to their experience. For instance, you can offer complimentary towels, slippers or dressing gowns for your visitors. You can also offer them the option of having their breakfast in bed. These small gestures can go a long way in showing your visitors that you care about them and will go the extra mile to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

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