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Guest Houses / Corporate Residences

Staying in a guest house in India is very easy now! We, Rentech Designs, offer some of the best luxurious guest houses that are situated at the best locations in the country. Each property is chosen to offer guests the finest amenities, location advantage, best service, and much more.

A comfortable & hassle-free stay is our assurance! Our guest houses are perfect for corporate guests as we provide personalized attention and care to them. Our USP is expats from countries like Japan, UK, USA, etc. we welcome such guests with dedication and care. Moreover, our guest houses have a reputation for excellence and are acknowledged for offering world-class service to Indian and international guests.

Our Luxurious guest houses are the perfect abode during your stay in India. We understand that business travellers want the best amenities, service and location. And we offer them all these facilities.

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