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Furniture rentals in Gurgaon, India were never so customized. At rentech designs our center of focus is not just the furniture, it’s you and your family. We are specialized in providing customized furniture matching your lifestyle. We have a huge collection of furniture in different styles and packages from which you can select one that suits you or just customize your package as per your requirement.


  1. Cost - Renting furniture with us costs less as compared to shipping your own furniture or purchasing a new one.
  2. Customized designs – We have a team of designers who work with you for designing and crafting minutest detail of furniture and furnishing
  3. Time & Quality control – Our in-house production unit helps us to deliver desired quality within the given time frame.
  4. Service & maintenance – Care and maintenance of the supplied items is taken care by us so that you can relax throughout the tenure.
  5. Fast deliveries – We can furnish apartments in 2-3 days time from our wide range of stock till you get your customized furniture, so that you can start your stay comfortably at your apartment instead of hotel.
  6. Flexibility – In the middle of the tenure even if you want to add one item, we are just a call away..

Home Packages

Home Packages

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