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Elements that form the foundation of Interior Design

Elements that form the foundation of Interior Design

Interior designing is both a science and an art; more complex than you can think. It is about designing an entire space from the beginning, in contrast to interior decorating that is decorating an existing space with furniture and upholstery. If you have a better and a clear understanding of interior design and its elements, you can add your own inputs to the interior design projects of your home or office. We have a list of important elements that form the foundation of interior design.


The most important element is the space, as the entire interior design depends on it. Therefore, make sure that the interior designers in Gurgaon you choose are well aware of the space available and its dimensions. You should also have the basic knowledge that space has two types – Two Dimensional and Three Dimensional Space. The former one covers the floor, while the latter one forms the living space. The space filled with furniture and other items is the Positive Space, whereas the empty space is the Negative Space. The turnkey interior designers that you choose for your project must have the capability to maintain an equilibrium between these spaces.


The form is a yet another element of interior design, which brings harmony and balance to space. Geometric (man-made) and Natural (organic) are the two types of forms, which are further categorised as open and closed. Turnkey interior contractors and designers combine two or more shapes to create forms that are appropriate for space.


A sense of harmony, unity, and contrast comes in an interior design because of the lines. The line is an element that acts as a visual guide of an interior space and can be horizontal, vertical, and dynamic.


Light is yet another significant element of interior design. In its absence or due to the inappropriate lighting, the other elements including colour, pattern, and texture lose their significance. Therefore, make sure that the home and office interior designers in Gurgaon that you hire give utmost importance to lighting for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entire space.


Colour is one of the elements of interior designing, which does not require a special introduction. Your interior designer and you are supposed to pick colours that can best enhance the beauty and set the mood.


Patterns in a living space allow a smooth transition and they have the capacity to transform an ordinary interior decoration into a spectacular one. The most commonly used patterns are Stripes, Geometric, Floral/Organic, Motif and Animal. Just like the other elements, you are supposed to choose patterns with care as well.


The texture is that element in the interior design that helps add depth and interest to a living space. The two types of textures are – Visual Texture and Actual Texture. Visual texture, as the name suggests, is the one that can only be seen; while the actual texture can both be seen and felt.

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