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Common Interior Designing Mistakes People Make

Over Furnishing

No matter how expensive or high-quality furniture and other items you place in a room, the room décor would appear shabby and unappealing if there is too much of it. If you entrust your interior designing project to one of the top 10 office interior designers in Gurgaon, you would notice that they design a space that is both appealing and functional. Rather than incorporating a lot of stuff, they bring in selective items that help maintain the much-required movement and flow of the space.

The Flooring

If you count on the best interior designers for getting your office or home décor designed, it is altogether a different phenomenon. By this we mean you can sit back and relax while they work to accomplish your interior designing goals. On the other hand, you have to be extremely cautious and prepared while planning and designing the décor on your own. One of the factors that require your attention is the floor, as you are required to choose material, design, colour and type of flooring that suits the property and your taste best.

Poor Lighting

As lighting is an important design element, make sure to pay attention to it while designing your home or office. Interior designers in Gurgaon take steps to design a space in a way that it receives ample of natural light. In case there is no or minimal provision for natural light to enter a space, they strategically place mirrors for bouncing light around the room. Well placed lamps and sconces are the other options they count on for giving a room appropriate lighting.

Colour and Size

Be it a wall painting, a chair, sofa, table, carpet, cushions or the wall colour, they all should be in accordance with space and not just your taste. You might have a liking for dark and heavy furniture but placing the same in your small-sized drawing room can take away all the charm. On the other hand, you can end up enhancing the space appeal multiple times by adding light coloured and small furniture pieces to that space.

No Focal Point

It is but natural to have this urge of designing a space that looks appealing every bit. But this urge can leave you with an interior décor that lacks a focal point, which makes a décor look more organized and balanced. Therefore, make it a point to add something like an accented wall or a grand showpiece that adds to the beauty of the room. The same goes for when you design your office space. Reputed office interior designers in Gurgaon have a knack for creating focal points in offices that make the space more welcoming and pleasant for the employees or clients visiting office premises.

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