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All you Must Know about Long-term Stays in Serviced Apartments

Even though the concept of serviced apartments might have come into existence while we were looking for the best accommodation having short-term stays in mind but now they are becoming increasingly popular for long-term stays too. Therefore, it’s high time to get a brief before the tide of popularity hits you or you simply just want to know “What the fad is all about serviced apartments in Gurgaon or elsewhere!”

Typically a service apartment, or an extended stay apartment, is preferred for both long-term and short-term stays. But now they are beginning to be preferred for the former case. This is so because one can enjoy all quality home-like, or even better, amenities and services while staying at serviced apartments.

Popular Use

Organisations, MNCs and the Government departments make use of serviced apartments to provide accommodation to professionals on some local or international work assignment. The period of the assignment can last as little as a couple of months to as much as for several years.

Till a couple of years ago, professionals used service apartments for temporary stays whilst searching for some kind of long-term accommodation. However, now these premium quality accommodations are preferred for long-term stays.

Thanks to the so many perks and flexibility a service apartment offers, people ranging from freelance professionals to those on organisational visits are going for them as their on-site accommodation until they fully meet their task and objectives.


Primarily there are three types of service apartments, namely serviced apartment, aparthotel and corporate housing. Though all of them are basically the same, there are some dedicated services and perks that each of them offer. Here is a brief introduction to all of them:

Serviced Apartment – These are self-contained apartments within any residential edifice. Guests living in serviced apartments in Mumbai or elsewhere have access to on-site staff, 24-hour helpline, superfast connectivity, security, and loads of other services and amenities with quality levels that are at par with luxury hotels and high-end accommodation standards.

Apart hotel – These serviced apartments are present within some kind of dedicated building, i.e. they aren’t completely available inside a building dedicated to residential services. That’s right! You might end up being in a building with some KPO (Knowledge Processing Operator) firm as your next-door neighbour. Just kidding! Not completely, though. Actually, aparthotels are typically accompanied by communal lounges and neighbouring gymnasiums. Some operators even promote serviced apartments on rent in Mumbai or elsewhere as “suites available outside luxury hotels.”

Corporate Housing – Ranging anywhere from a fully furnished condominium to a house, charged as per rent or leased for, on a short-term or long-term stay, corporate housing allows business professionals to lead a normal homelike life whilst away from their homes. All kind of services and amenities are available to enjoy anything and everything between cooking food, enjoying life and doing professional work.


No matter what kind of service apartments on rent in Gurgaon or elsewhere you are looking for, you are sure to get these complementary services wherever you are staying to fulfilling your next business travel visit:

• Completely equipped kitchen with home-like kitchenware, including dishwasher and washer/dryer

• Dedicated sleeping area, hall area, sitting area, lawn, etc.

• One or many separate bedrooms

• Wi-Fi and other forms of superfast digital connectivity and access to latest smart home technology

• Regular (often, weekly) housekeeping, laundry, and other forms of house management services

• Flexibility to change or renovate the furniture arrangement as per your needs or likings

• Access to gymnasium, parks, social clubs, and other kinds of dedicated eateries

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