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Advantages of serviced apartments to business travellers

Corporate travel involves professional tours from a place to another for business dealings and developments. With the rise in the number of business travellers, the need for ideal accommodations has been felt more than ever before. There was a time when hotels served as a premium option for business travellers but now serviced apartments have evolved as a great alternative accommodation solution. If you are wondering what has led to this change, we have the answer. It is the advantages that serviced apartments offer to business travellers, some of which are mentioned below.

The ideal space

Unlike a casual traveller, a business traveller requires proper comfort and relaxation during the stay. The reason behind is their work, for which they have to be in a relaxed state of mind that works wonders for enhancing their work potential. While living in a hotel room, a professional has to manage all work, rest, eating, and sleeping in a single little room. On the other hand, a stay at service apartments in Mumbai offers them flexible options. For instance, they can have complete rest after a long and tiresome flight in their fully equipped and furnished room. They can enjoy a nice meal in the separate dining room of their serviced apartment and can slip into another room for their business work as and when they desire.


Business travellers visiting new places are in dire need of convenience so that they don’t end up wasting their precious time. Understanding this requirement pretty well, most of the serviced apartments in Gurgaon have strategic locations. This simply means that they are located in close proximity to major transport facilities and markets. The same allows professionals on a business visit to traverse from their present location to the meeting venue or wherever they desire conveniently and while saving their time. Additionally, they can access the markets nearby to fulfil their day-to-day requirements whenever they get time.

Customized solutions

When business travellers choose to stay in luxurious serviced apartments, they get customized solutions. Serviced apartments that strive to cater to the changing and flexible requirements of corporate guests well and allow them to choose furniture and other items as per their taste and requirement.


Business travellers can realize savings while staying at luxury service apartments. If you compare them to hotel accommodations, they are competitively priced. They allow people staying in them to cook desired meals on their own, which again translate into savings. In addition to this, lucrative rental reductions can be availed when serviced apartments are booked for longer stays.

Home-Like Environment

No matter how comfortable a hotel room is, it fails to provide those staying in them a home-like feeling. On the other hand, serviced apartments are specially designed to provide its guests with a home-like environment. These well-equipped apartments have a comfortable set up and a quiet atmosphere. Business travellers while staying in them can focus on their work without missing the feeling of their home and compromising on their relaxation even a wee bit.

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